Casey Youth Conference on Liberty and Entrepreneurship
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CYCLE is an informal educational effort designed to fill in the gaps left by most formal studies into the fields of business and economics (and therefore, necessarily, politics). The idea is to make the connection between the theory of markets and effective, successful participation in actual markets in the real world.

A CYCLE is usually a week-long seminar, traditionally held in Eastern Europe, where this sort of teaching is hard to come by. CYCLE and is predecessor events have a history of educating and inspiring young people that goes back to the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Our goal is to help young people achieve success in their lives as well as to become creative forces for good in our world, going forward.

As the Casey Research motto states: Personal freedom through financial freedom.


Originally intended to be a seminar held in Ukraine this year—an idea scrapped when war erupted in that country—CYCLE will be held online this year, hosted by our friends at Liberty.me. The bad news is that well miss all the after-session fun around the camp fire. The good news is that participation will be completely free of any charge or cost, and fully accessible to students all around the world.

Schedule: November 17 – 21, 2014

Check back here soon for details, the idea is to have a week of 3 – 4 hour sessions timed for morning hours in the US and evening hours in Europe. Topics are still TBD, but confirmed speakers include:

      Doug Casey: Best-selling author, world-famous investor, co-founder of Casey Research. Doug Casey is the original "International Man," a pioneer in the field of minimizing loss of freedom through international diversification—of self as well as assets.

      Rick Rule: Billionaire entrepreneur and investor. Rick is one of the sharpest businessmen we know, having created or invested in hundreds, if not thousands of new ventures, amassing huge fortunes along the way—twice.

      T.K. Coleman: Philosopher, writer, lecturer, entrepreneur, and life coach. T.K. is the Education Director for Praxis, an experience-based alternative to traditional business school, and he blogs daily on self-determinism, creativity, and philosophy at tkcoleman.com.

      Lobo Tiggre: CYCLE founder, author, entrepreneur, investor, youth counselor. "Papa Lobo" has inspired hundreds of students over the years, many of whom have gone on to create companies of their own or find success in other walks of Life.

      Tom Palmer: Senior Fellow at the Cato Institute, director of Cato University, Vice President for International Programs at the Atlas Economic Research Foundation, VP of the Atlas Network. Tom is one smart guy, and an inspiring speaker.


      Michael Strong: Teacher, author, Co-founder of Conscious Capitalism, Inc. Michael has a strong, clear vision of how free enterprise is an active force for good in our world, and an equally strong desire to help young entrepreneurs succeed.

      Jeffrey Tucker: CEO of Liberty.me, previously editor of Mises.org, adjunct scholar of the Mackinac Center for Public Policy and faculty member of Acton University. Tucker is a passionate intellectual with ideas well worth considering.

      Edmundas "Eddie" Balcikonis: CYCLE alumnus, founder TrackDuck.com. Eddie is a prime example of a former student who took what we could teach him and ran with it.

      Ken Schoolland: Professor "Fun" Schoolland is an Austrian economist with an extraordinary ability to explain the most confusing aspects of modern economic theory and practice in ways that make sense—and track with the real world.

      David Galland: Entrepreneur, co-founder of Casey Research, founder of Everbank, author, investor, and creator of much more. David is that rarest of entrepreneurs: an "ideas man" whose ideas almost always work.

      Walter Block: Professor Block is an "outside the box" thinker and economics professor, author of the controversial book, Defending the Undefendable. Whatever else one might say about him, Walter is never boring.

      Olivier Garret: CEO of Casey Research, business manager extraordinaire. When it comes to the details of how to run an profitable business, Olivier is The Man.


Registration and participation in CYCLE 14 will be through the Liberty.me web site. While that is built, if you already know you are interested, please email LoboTiggre@gmail.com so we can add you to our mailing list. Check back soon for details.



We plan to return to historic Trakai, Lithuania for an IRL (In Real Life) CYCLE 15, site of so many great past CYCLEs. Trakai is a short drive from Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania, which is a short flight from most major European air hubs. EU Visa assistance will be available for those who need it.

Schedule: August 9 – 15, 2015

Details pending.