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Organization team of the camp wishes to thankfully recognize the significant sponsorship contribution of Casey Research LLC.

Casey Research is a team of highly experienced investors and trained economists who spend countless hours researching powerful economic trends and the very best ways to profit from some. The company's clientele is made up of individual and institutional investors who share the costs – through subscription fees - in exchange for unbiased research and information they can use in managing their portfolios to produce above-average returns.

Casey Youth Conference on Liberty and Entrepreneurship

CYCLE 2012

CYCLE is a learning experience like no other. It's about freedom, not just freedom from tyranny, but also freedom to achieve great things in Life. This means cutting through the fog of politically-influenced curricula, understanding the true essentials of economics, and learning how to apply them in the real world -- whether that's as an individual artist or as CEO of a large company.

Knowledge is power. CYCLE is all about sharing the distilled knowledge of some of the most successful people in the world, giving students the power to take control of their lives and direct them towards goal of their own choosing. From basic theory to the most time-tested practical experiences, CYCLE is designed to encourage students to dream big, and give them the tools needed to pursue those dreams.

This is not your typical summer camp. Sure, we have fun, swimming in the lake and singing around the campfire, but for those who come with a desire to learn to make the most of themselves, CYCLE can be a Life-chaning opportunity.

Success is all about attitude -- and that's what CYCLE is all about.

Date: This year the conference will be held on August 4-10
Location: The place is the same - a picturesque Jovariskes Village outside of the city of Trakai, Lithuania"
SCHEDULE: download


Lobo Tiggre (Louis James)

Senior Analyst/Editor, Casey Research. Lobo is a writer, investor, entrepreneur, photographer, geo-journalist, and would-be poet. Lobo has taught the basics of entrepreneurship for years and is the evil mastermind behind CYCLE.

Doug Casey

Doug is a world-famous traveler, investor, entrepreneur, trouble-maker, polo-player, and philosopher-capitalist. Doug is the original contrarian investor, having made fortunes buying what no one else wanted and selling when these investments became popular. Doug is an expert at spotting business opportunities no one else sees, largely because he thinks the way almost no one else does. Doug has challenged students this year to find new opportunities in today's economic crises, not as a training exercise, but for real investment in any business plans that are good enough. You have a unique opportunity to present your business idea directly to this investor!

Ken Schoolland
Ken Schoolland is currently an Associate Professor of Economics and Political Science and Director of the Entrepreneurship Center at Hawaii Pacific University in Honolulu.
Schoolland is a member of the Mont Pelerin Society, President of the International Society for Individual Liberty, a Sam Walton Fellow for Students in Free Enterprise, a member of the Board of Scholars for the Grassroot Institute of Hawaii, and a charter member of the Board of Directors of the Small Business Hawaii Entrepreneurial Education Foundation.
He has authored two books: The Adventures of Jonathan Gullible: A Free Market Odyssey, now published in 45 languages, and Shogun’s Ghost: The Dark Side of Japanese Education, in two languages.

Alexander McCobin

Alexander McCobin is co-founder and president of Students For Liberty (, a nonprofit organization that supports pro-liberty students and student groups. During the 2011-2012 school year,Students For Liberty grew to include 780 pro-liberty student organizations, hosted 12 US Regional Conferences with over 1,500 attendees, launched European Students For Liberty with over 100 student groups, and held its 5th Annual International SFL Conference with over 1,000 attendees, the first-ever four-figure libertarian student conference. Alexander received his B.A. and A.M. at the University of Pennsylvania and is currently pursuing his PhD in philosophy at Georgetown University.

Sebastian Reidl

Don Sebastian is a world-traveler and investor, currently focused on mineral opportunities in Paraguay. Sebastian was born in Hungary in 1939 -- his mother and sister fled to Germany just ahead of the Russian troops. At 16 he became a journeyman tool and diemaker, and at 19 made a leap across the world to work for a mining company in South Africa. Sebastian has had many adventures, including hitch-hiking from Cairo to Capetown and climbing Mt. Kilamanjero. He has started, operated and invested in many different businesses, in many different countries. Sebastian will share some of his adventures with us, and his insights on what makes for good business ideas.

Matthew Mezinskis

Matt has spent most of his 20s in the Baltics, exploring family roots, enjoying countryside saunas, and building a consulting and underwriting business, specifically focused on property investment and development. Originally from America, his focus, in addition to the Baltics and northern Poland, also remains with clients in Eastern US markets. He has experience with leveraged acquisitions and refinancing, corporate bond restructuring, and commercial property development. He enjoys traveling across Baltic landscapes, catching up with relatives, singing, reading about markets and economic history, teaching and mentoring international students, and meeting new liberty-minded friends…and a good party, every once and a while.

Sadia Sadia

Sadia Sadia is an artist, director, editor, and producer, currently working with moving images, still images, language and audio. She is also an award-winning record producer and songwriter.
Sadia began her career by becoming one of the first women in the world to be signed to a major label as a record producer. She started her first production company as a teenager, and has worked for herself in the creative industries ever since. She also has an M. Sc. in Political Science and Economics from the University of London, an M.A. in Design Studies from Central St. Martin’s, and an abiding interest in all things creative, liberty and entrepreneurship-oriented.

Rick Rule

Legendary billionaire investor Rick Rule will be joining CYCLE12 via remote link to share his insights. Rick, along with Doug, is one of Lobo's main teachers. Rick has been involved in hundreds, perhaps thousands of business ventures over the years and has accumulated a huge store of valuable knowledge about entrepreneurship in the real world. Rick has also contributed his knowledge to numerous bitcoin trading platforms such as The news spy app, which allows you to trade bitcoin on autopilot. You can see how it works here: Every student will get a chance to ask Rick as many questions as you like.

Sasha Bulah

Entrepreneur, organizer of Minsk Startup Weekend.

See what participants say:

I know that saying something changed your life has already became a clishee and people don't really understand these words literally, but in my case CYCLE 2011 was in the most literal sense a life changer.
Why? Well, I could name many reasons but probably the most important one would be that it gave my long lost self-confidence. From this everything else derived: I started to think about independent ways of making money, not just finding a job; I read and learned more about those things I liked and started thinking how can I make money from them; it helped me find what I want to do going forward; I became more sociable and made some good friends etc.
For any person that never thought him/herself of being financially independent or for anyone that has business ideas but just didn't find the person whom to talk to, I strongly encourage them to attend to CYCLE. It's amazing how many opportunities are there!
Denisa Sandu, Romania
CYCLE changes your life, gives you a chance to realize your business ideas. You will meet interesting people and learn many new and useful things. This is an opportunity to share experiences and find new friends. Every day begins with yoga, if you love or want to try. Then breakfast, lectures, discussions, games, lunch, debate, discussion, exchange of business ideas, and in the evening in a friendly and warm near the fire company's meeting. Visit Cycle once, and you would like to return there again and again. This is a unique opportunity!!!
Yulia Kurakevich, Belarus
CYCLE is one of the best out-of University learning experiences one may ever have and, unlike so much of university based tutoring, it is really geared to acquiring real life skills. I especially liked the part where all the participants got to listen and subsequently ask questions of the key speakers, such as world-famous investors like Rick Rule or Doug Casey himself. I was especially struck by Doug's idea of relocating to a foreign country to make the best uses of one's abilities and to achieve profits because when you move to another country you will most likely possess the knowledge and resources unavailable to the locals.
Laurynas Vegys, Lithuania
Undoubtedly, the CYCLE'11 was an unforgettable experience. The program was filled with the very best blend of pure economics and extra activities. I've deepened my understanding of today's business models and have made new friends at the same time. I'd definitely be back!

Olga Lykholobova, Ukraine

CYCLE Application

Please send your applications to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

So, what exactly you are going to tell about yourself? The questions are pretty simple, and we believe they will help us understand who and what you are.

Please send us the following:
  • Last Name and First Name
  • Email
  • Country of Residence
  • Age
  • Education
  • Experience
  • Answer the questions below in your video presentation, upload it to YouTube (or another service, or file sharing site) and send us the link to your video application. (do not try sending video files by email).
    Note: this time we have different requests for newbies and for "old" students.
Video application questions for first time applicants: Video application questions for former students:
  1. Why do you want to participate in this event?
  2. The achievement in your life you are most proud of?
  3. Your plans for the future and what do you do to attain your goal?
  4. What is success for you?
  5. The most important thing people should know about you.
  1. How did you participate in previous CYCLE events?
  2. Did CYCLE change anything in your life?
  3. How did you apply the new knowledge? Have you implemented your business plans?
  4. If your didn’t accomplish your business plan, why did it happen?

Hope you'll have some fun when recording your presentations :)

We do not have strict requirements for the quality of your video. It just should be sufficient to see you and hear your responses. So use whatever is at your disposal - a cell phone or a camera.

If you still have questions, feel free to ask.

Org Team

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