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1   Link   Power of Focused Attention by Tina Su
I recently sat down with several highly enthusiastic achievers, all of whom have many ambitions. These casual chats revolved around the theme of, “How do I turn my ambitions into reality?”
2   Link   Self-Discipline by Steve Pavlina
The five pillars of self-discipline are: Acceptance, Willpower, Hard Work, Industry, and Persistence. If you take the first letter of each word, you get the acronym “A WHIP” — a convenient way to remember them, since many people associate self-discipline with whipping themselves into shape.
Each day of the series, I’ll explore one of these pillars, explaining why it’s important and how to develop it. But first a general overview….
3   Link   Napoleon Hill's Success Scrolls
Check this simple yet powerful ideas from all-time personal success guru Napoleon Hill.
4   Link   10 Tips for College Students by Steve Pavlina
Many college students really don’t have a clear reason for being there other than the fact that they don’t know what else to do yet. They inherit goals from family and peers which aren’t truly their own. That was how I started college. Is this you as well?
5   Link   Ultra-Simple 3-Step Productivity System for Getting Amazing Things Done by Leo Babauta
You’ve read a bunch of different productivity posts, blogs, books, and magazine articles — admit it — and yet it’s always so complicated. You just want to accomplish great things, without all the fuss.
And while there are many great systems out there, it always takes a lot of work. You want to focus on the doing, not the upkeep of your productivity system.
6   Link   52 Tips for Happiness and Productivity by Leo Babauta
This is something I’ve been wanting to write for some time — a Handbook for Life. Now, is there any handbook that can be a guide to every single person? Of course not. This is just a list of tips that I think will help many people in life — some of them common-sense tips that we often forget about. Consider this guide a reminder.
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